Transcriptome analysis – single cell RNA-Seq workflow

Single-cell analyses allow uncovering cellular heterogeneity, not only per se, but also in response to viral infection. Similarly, single cell transcriptome analyses (scRNA-Seq) can highlight specific signatures, identifying cell subsets with particular phenotypes, which are relevant in the understanding of ...

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SPLiT-seq – single-cell profiling with split-pool barcoding

To facilitate scalable profiling of single cells, engineers at the University of Washington have developed split-pool ligation-based transcriptome sequencing (SPLiT-seq), a single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) method that labels the cellular origin of RNA through combinatorial barcoding. SPLiT-seq is compatible with fixed ...

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Combining different single-cell RNA-seq platforms

Single-cell RNA-seq is a powerful tool for revealing heterogeneity in cancer cells. However, each of the current single-cell RNA-seq platforms has inherent advantages and disadvantages. Here, researchers from the University of Tokyo show that combining the different single-cell RNA-seq platforms can be ...

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