BioLegend® and New York Genome Center® Enter into Exclusive Global License and Research Agreement for CITE-seq™, a Novel Technique for Multidimensional Single Cell Analysis

BioLegend, Inc. (“BioLegend”) and the New York Genome Center (“NYGC”) announced today that they have entered into an exclusive worldwide license and collaborative research agreement for CITE-seq™ technology for use in the research field. CITE-seq™, Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and ...

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First DNA Sequence from a Single Mitochondria

DNA sequences between mitochondria within a single cell are vastly different, found researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. This knowledge will help to better illuminate the underlying mechanisms of many disorders that start with ...

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The Rise of Single-Cell Genomics

Article Source The Ability to Profile Single Whole Cells and Single Nuclei Will Also Help Shape Understanding of Each Cell Type Kathy Liszewski Sequencing DNA one cell at a time helps scientists discern the true nature of the heterogenous milieu ...

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