Technique: Single-cell transcriptomes in space

Spatial information from NICHE-seq Immune functions depend on the interactions of heterogeneous cells in a range of microenvironments in the body. Although information regarding immune cell function has been collected using single-cell RNA-sequencing methods, these techniques have traditionally lacked spatial ...

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New breast cell types discovered

A joint effort by breast cancer researchers and bioinformaticians has provided new insights into the molecular changes that drive breast development. The research team compared genes expressed in single cells in the mammary gland (breast tissue) to understand the broad ...

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Heart Self-Repair May be Prompted with Regulatory RNAs

Heart tissue is notoriously poor at self-repair, but it isn’t entirely helpless. It’s just super-slow because mature, developed hearts retain very few heart cells that hold regeneration potential. For example, in adult mouse or human heart, new cardiomyocytes (CMs) are ...

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