Barcode Chips

Isoplexis new single-cell technology – named Top 10 Innovation

From single-cell analysis to whole-genome sequencing, this year’s best new products shine on many levels. By The Scientist Staff | December 1, 2017 Innovation comes in many forms, molded into various outlooks, adapted to shifting time frames. Sometimes, technological and conceptual progress is undergirded ...

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Using barcodes to trace cell development

How do the multiple different cell types in the blood develop? Scientists have been pursuing this question for a long time. According to the classical model, different developmental lines branch out like in a tree. The tree trunk is composed ...

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Endowing cells with new abilities

It had been seven years since Fahim Farzadfard had last seen his family back home in Iran. Even after obtaining his green card in the middle of 2016, he had waited to finish his PhD before making the trip. Finally, ...

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