Dual-nozzle microfluidic droplet generator.

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Dual-nozzle microfluidic droplet generator.

Nano Converg. 2018;5(1):12

Authors: Choi JW, Lee JM, Kim TH, Ha JH, Ahrberg CD, Chung BG

The droplet-generating microfluidics has become an important technique for a variety of applications ranging from single cell analysis to nanoparticle synthesis. Although there are a large number of methods for generating and experimenting with droplets on microfluidic devices, the dispensing of droplets from these microfluidic devices is a challenge due to aggregation and merging of droplets at the interface of microfluidic devices. Here, we present a microfluidic dual-nozzle device for the generation and dispensing of uniform-sized droplets. The first nozzle of the microfluidic device is used for the generation of the droplets, while the second nozzle can accelerate the droplets and increase the spacing between them, allowing for facile dispensing of droplets. Computational fluid dynamic simulations were conducted to optimize the design parameters of the microfluidic device.

PMID: 29755924 [PubMed]

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